Thursday, 14 November 2013

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza-Pancake-Omelette) and Green tea ice cream

Miso soup and seaweed salad
Last time I was meeting Dance Girl around Leicester Square, I arrived about 1h earlier than planned and my friend even texted me that she would be late. So I thought I'd take advantage and check out a nearby Japanese restaurant called Abeno Too. It was my first time trying Japanese Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza-Pancake-Omelette-like dish) and I found it very delicious as well as pretty filling. Okonomiyaki is made of cabagge, egg and dough, with spring onions, ginger as well as a few options one can choose, I had the Tokyo Mix this time with prawn, pork and squid. All Okonomiyaki lunch options already come with miso soup and another side dish (mine was a salad (I believe it was a mix of seaweeds and cabbage amongst others).


 Tokyo mix: pork, prawn and squid
Fresh Green tea ice cream
The mixture was then prepared and fried right in front of me and the lady that was preparing it still added a few Japanese seasonings, sauces and mayonnaise after checking with me.

I then tried out one of their typical desserts, fresh Green tea ice cream, which was surprisingly yummy, creamy, very different but I would definitely have it again next time I get the chance.

View on the restaurant from the street
More information, address and opening hours of the restaurant:

tube: Leicester Square

Location, Map, Address and Opening hours:
Official Abeno Too Homepage 

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