Wednesday, 1 August 2012

London ABC - airport-to-city transfer - Stansted Airport & Heathrow Airport


Terravision airport and city bus stop locations
99 % of my flights to London are cheap Ryanair flights to Stansted, so I thought I'd tell you about my choice of airport transfer. In general, I choose a return ticket from Terravision Coach, £ 14.00 to the city centre or even £ 11.00  to Stratford! So when your destination is North or East, your best options are Liverpool Street Station and Stratford and when heading to South or West London, it might be best to choose Victoria Station. Airport transfer alternatives are the Stansted Express (train) and cab, both no option for me as they are not really faster but much more expensive. The only real advantage with the latter is that you have your suitcase with you at all times. When using the Terravision Express, you have to put your luggage in storage boxes in the "lower belly" of the bus and can only take small backpacks upstairs with you.

Here a few tipps to avoid luggage theft:

1. Try to put your suitcase deep into the box and below other suitcases, thiefs tend to grab the suitcases that are on top and at the front

2. Choose a seat on the front left from where you can see people that might leave the coach at earlier stops, someone might confuse your luggage with theirs or put yours outside to reach their own suitcases without putting it back into the box

3. Take precious belongings and a water bottle with you upstairs in a small bag or backpack

For more information about the Stansted Terravision Coach:

Timetable for Victoria St

Timetable for Liverpool Street St

Tube map: Heathrow, Victoria, Liverpool St and Stratford


When it comes to Heathrow, I would always prefer the tube if you are not in a hurry, it is straight-forward, cheaper and you have your luggage with you at all times. Terravision Coaches also depart from Heathrow but due to the tipps mentioned above, I would prefer the tube as it is as cheap and you do not have to store your luggage.

Heathrow Airport Tube Map

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