Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Excess baggage? Rescue is here!!!

Being a traveller for many years, I have always been daunted with the prospect of having to pack my suitcase (and hand luggage for that matter), even after thoroughly investigating each individual airline's baggage regulations...

But recently, I stumbled over a travel clothing brand which holds the promise of avoiding such agonies in the future:
It's called SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing and sells the most gorgeous Women's Trench Coat (18 pockets!!!) I have ever seen. Must have had me in mind when they designed this ;-)

Oh and for hot weather, they even have trousers and dresses or shirts for my Brazilian summer adventures!

Not sure, if they deliver to Brazil though, have to investigate the page for more info on that. If they don't, I'll just ask my family and friends in London or Germany to get them for me and pick them up during one of my visits.

So definitely, as soon as we finish our Porto Seguro home, first thing my savings will go into are those amazing travel clothes!!!

For more info: http://www.scottevest.com/

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  1. Thank you for the great review! The Trench Coat is great for travel, and stylish!