Monday, 11 November 2013

Luke's first beach trip: My puppy at Taperapuan Beach

Playing 'catcher'
Yesterday we went on a beach trip, walking the whole distance of about 1h from our borough to the beach, had two short breaks for Luke to relax and drink some water and around noon, we took the 'lotação' back home (lotação is kind of an unofficial cab/taxi service, a union of normal car or minibus drivers that pick up random people on bus routes charging the same bus fares, but often take you right until your doorstep. If you are a group of people, it is fine to go with the lotação, but I guess if you are new in town, it might be best to stick to the buses to be on the save side...

The prince of sun, Luke and I (swimming in the background)
It took us about 40minutes to find someone willing to take a dog on board so that was quite a challenge to be honest....and we did pay 2 bus fares extra for Luke's place in the car but that's fine I guess... ). Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on buses (at least those that don't fit into bags...) and Luke is still too young to walk the whole way back. Maybe next time we will rent a car instead...

It was Luke's very first time on the beach. We left very early, about 7:30am in the morning and had the beach almost for ourselves. A few chuvas passageiras (which means 'really quick and light rain showers) came around in our first few minutes at the beach and then the sky cleared up totally.
First break on our way to the beach

The water was fresh but not too cold and the waves mildly-friendly-wild, I had a few mergulhas (run ins and outs plus dips and short swims) but we did not introduce Luke to the water and swimming yet, we want to get him used to the beach and sea step by step and he was still very sceptical and we want to avoid that he gets afraid of the sea, he only got close to the breaking waves about 4 or 5 times running along when we were playing 'catcher' so his being careful told us that we still needed to wait a bit - although he seemed veeeery curious when observing me in the water swimming... =)

Enjoy our 'photo love story' - loads of pictures of yesterday's beach trip and our puppy Luke ;)

My two diamonds <3

Having breakfast on arrival

Luke having his breakfast too

Protecting our backpack :D

Taking off the leash and harness - freeee like a bird,
but he wanted some cuddles first ;)

And some more cuddles

A very happy Luke

Two best friends

Watching me swim from a safe distance

He is very interested in this strange water beast indeed :D

What's up, buddy - don't want to join me?
No? OK then, let's play instead!

Yeahhhh, now we're talking.....

You'll never catch me! Oh yeah?

Will ya?
Three, two one and......



I'm the beach watch! I can hear ya haha

Well done......

Tired but....

but happy!

I am loving this!

Proud doggie buddies=)

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