Monday, 18 November 2013

Love parcels: Winter Wellness Parcel, mouth painter Ivanov and thoughts on Brazilian sense of time & space

Today I ran some errands in the centre and arrived at home in the late afternoon - totally tired (and sunburned :D aehem, but we'll get there later ;))! As if the post man had known that I was really needing a good amount of sweetness and love right now, a lovely surprise was waiting for me - tucked under our front gate:

A winter wellness parcel from my mum!

She had sent it in October, so the parcel and post service was quite punctual this time =) That's lovely news in addition to a wonderful surprise wellness parcel!

So, let's get to the lovely contents: My mum had sent relaxing camomilla bath packs as well as my favourite Ginger Lemon tea and Green tea that will both come into use in a just few minutes! She has also sent a delicious strawberry shower gel, a cherry wood nailfile set and last but not least high children sunscreen 30Spf.

(I have to admit that I am dangerously lazy with sunscreen and only use it about once a week or even less - although living in one of the hottest, sunburning-regions on earth. And I should really have used the latter today morning: during our usual rather early morning dog walk, the prince of sun wanted to show me something that 'é pertinho' (which translated means 'it's very close') so I thought that the sun wouldn't be too strong until our return and that we would be back in about 30min time but - as very often happens when Brazilians tell you that something is either 'pertinho' (very close) or 'rapidinho' (very quick) it actually isn't! So I thouroughly burned my shoulders, face and arms as I was only wearing shorts and a shield tank top.... hasn't happened in a long time as usually when we plan to continuously walk in the strong sun for longer than 30 minutes I make sure that I use sunscreen or at least shield my face and shoulders with a t-shirt and cap. Well, should have known better by now that the 'Brazilian very close' really cannot be compared at all to the 'German very close' ;)

Anyway, back to the lovely contents: The picture postcard my mum has sent this time is a beautiful painting called 'Wiesenlied' (German for 'meadow song') by mouth painter Aleksandr Ivanov. It`s a still-life of a flower vase with a mix of 'blue-purple centaureas' and 'white-yellow anemones blandas' ((as far as I google-searched the sorts, so no guarantee on that one!)). The painter himself was born in Astrakhan, Russia in 1956, studied painting and visual arts from his early youth on and then started working in the field until suffering an accident in 1990:
he was left almost completely paralized after injuring himself during his (hobby) martial arts sport training. But his strong will, love for the arts and life helped him to get back on track and so from 1992 on, he was and is again dedicating his life to painting, now using his mouth to create his wonderful arts pieces. He also focuses some of his free time on creating music arrangements and compositions.

If you would like to check out his VDMFK painter profile and find out more about Aleksandr Ivanov, just go to: Aleksandr Ivanov Painter Profile

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