Saturday, 16 February 2013

Scottevest carry on coat

You might remember my blog post on the fab Scottevest travel trench coat with 18 (secret) pockets = wearable AND fashionable hand luggage?
Excess baggage? Rescue is here! SCOTTEVEST TRENCH

I can finally call myself a proud owner of one of them!

Let's see if I can get all my hand luggage items into the coat, shall we?! ;)

Before-after shots of the empty and filled up coat at the end of the blog post.

As anticipated, the trench is beautiful and well fabricated, more to the stability of the pockets after my next flights/trips when the coat will go through its first performances ;) Unfortunately I cannot really use it here in Brazil, it is just too hot. So I'll have to be patient and wait for my next Europe trip...

It comes with little fabric tags next to the inside pockets showing what the designers had in mind for each pocket's use/content: As explained above, the trench has 18 pockets of which only 4 are immediately evident on the coat's exterior.

There are two chest pockets and two huge handwarmer pockets, the left one with a tiny change/lipstick pocket and the right one with another tiny pocket, maybe for a memory stick plus a key chain and flexible elastic where you could fit in a bottle or small umbrella.

The other 14 are hidden inside. There are two chest pockets for an iphone and blackberry/other phone, I only have one phone, Nokia C3 Touch and Type, so probably I would use the other pocket for my ipod or something flat and small such as my oyster card. Both inside chest pockets have earphone holders going right around the neck, holding those cables in place. And penholders on each side.

Then on the lower left, there is one huge inside pocket, designed for an ipad or netbook, the netbook does fit, but it looks quite bulky and bumps against your leg, again probably it is different with a smaller pad or kindle. I would probably only use this pocket for netbook storage during flights.

Then there's smaller pocket for a creditcard-sized ID and flight tickets plus passport. Under the right chest/mobile phone pocket, there is a pocket for your glasses with an eyeglass cleaning cloth on an elastic cable (some more explanations for the pockets are printed on the cloth). And last but not least, another pocket on the lower right, for a digital camera with a tiny pocket for your cam's memory stick.

Although it took me a bit longer to get hold of one as I decided to ask my bestie Berlin girl (who is currently here with me in Porto Seguro for more 10 days!) to get it for me (due to not so amusing experiences with Brazilian customs and issues with punctuality/reliability) I was sure it would be cheaper that way. I was quite lucky that exactly on the day I decided to get the trench coat, they had a promotion code for it and I got it for about 30$ cheaper, so it was 120$ plus about 40$ international shipping (US to Germany, it took about 1 month to arrive) and some customs fees in Germany, about 23EUR. I got it in S/black and being rather petite, I can probably gain quite some weight and still fit in it.

That's it for now, I'll do another review after my next trip to Europe =)

Now as promised before-after shots with my coat's pockets empty and filled with the above hand luggage content. I could easily fit much more stuff into the pockets and have not even used all of them, so I could easily put all my hand luggage items  including clothes and some flip flops or sandals into the pockets.


Before - After Shots 



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