Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mahdi restaurant - delicious Persian cuisine in London

I love trying out new places and cuisine of different cultures, especially authentic Barbecue dishes, so I was thrilled when my friend Honi girl suggested a Persian restaurant near Ravenscourt Park. So off we went to try it out together. First impression: Amazing decoration, you really feel like you just hopped into a totally different country and culture, very detailed and just really overwhelming in the first few seconds.

The restaurant was very busy, but we did not wait too long and were quickly led to a free table where I sat down on a very comfy bank. I got myself some delicious mango juice and we went on chatting along, so time passed very quickly and voilá, our plates arrived. And wow, those were HUGE portions! I felt like my friend and I could have happily shared this plate and would have been very satisfied =) We had a warm starter first: "Steam-cooked Dolme Vine leaves wrapped around rice and fresh herbs". I actually asked for Persian nan bread instead of rice and was absolutely delighted, I really love both Indian nan bread and Turkish kebab, and I felt like the Persian nan bread was kind of a mix between both. As a main course, we both had "Chelov-Kabab-E-Bakhtyari: Grilled skewer of diced tender spring lamb, chicken fillet, served with grilled tomato, rice and salad". It was absolutely amazing, one of my favourite lamb barbecue dishes ever! We were totally happy and satisfied, and about half of our plate was still full... But it is quite common to take leftovers home it seems, as the waiter immediately smiled when we asked for it and went to get us some 'tupperware' to take our leftovers home.

More information, address, location and opening hours:

Mahdi restaurant HP


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