Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Luke, the hammock dog: It's me or the laptop! & Brazilian Fast Food Dinner

Luke with me on the hammock
Here I am - lying innocently on my hammock... when my puppy Luke suddenly decides that he is fed up of having to compete with my laptop and HOPPI DI HOPP, jumps onto my belly and lap right onto the hammock :D I managed to take a few pictures with my laptop while he was mumbling "listen - it's ME or the laptop! Decide now!" So I gave in, put the laptop on the table next to me to then give my sweetie the attention and tummy rub he thoroughly deserves =))

Coxinha, pão de pizza
and pineapple juice
Now the prince of sun just came in with a typical Brazilian (fast food) take away, a huge 'coxinha de frango com catupiry' (delicious fried chicken croquettes with cream (kind of-mayonnaise-ish, just better) sauce) and a 'pão de pizza' (pizza bread: sweet-ish bread with a mix of tomato pieces and tomato sauce, ham, chicken, cheese, corn (maize) and other goodies)...

Mmmhhhh, having these now together with freshly made pineapple juice mmm-yummmyyyy....

And Luke is meditating next to me - but this time under the hammock :D

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