Friday, 8 November 2013

Luke hypnotizing acerola juice

One of Berlin girl's favourite Brazilian juices is ACEROLA JUICE. She is absolutely right, I also adore acerola juice, especially freshly made.

Today the prince of sun, Luke and I went to visit the prince of sun's brother and his family plus two dogs, one adult German Shepherd mix and one puppy, pitbull mix. Luke loves playing with the puppy and together, they run and jump and dig and play around the large 'sitio' of the prince of sun's brother (sitio is kind of a huge backyard-garden mix). His wife is a declared plant lover and takes care of about 100 different trees, bushes and smaller herb plants, all on their property.
Acerola tree

Every time we go to visit them, they offer us some of the fruits or herbs growing in their sitio, this time it was fresh pitanga while watching the dogs play and then the prince of sun plugged about 300g of fresh acerola fruits from the medium size tree.

Arriving at home, we directly started making the juice, it is pretty simple, especially now that we bought a new mixer (our old one broke down, just too much juicing during the last couple of months :D hopefully the new mixer (ours is from Philips Walita and is quite sturdy) will last a good while.
Acerola juice & our Philips Walita mixer

Making the juice is quite simple:
After washing the 300g of acerolas, there is no need to remove the stone/pit, you just put them in the middle sieve part of the mixer that automatically seperates the fruit rests from the actual juice (with our old mixer we still had to manually press the juice through our small sieve when seperating the fruit stone pieces in the end), add about 800ml of water and use the highest speed. Then you pour the juice in a seperate can, wash out the stone pieces of the mixer can and re-pour the juice into it. Now you add as much sugar as you wish to (as it is quite on the sour side of tastes, we prefer 4 soup spoons, but you can add less). Mix the pure juice and sugar and your fresh acerola juice is ready!

And at the moment Luke is busy hypnotizing the acerola juice while we are all waiting for the costela to get ready to be eaten *_*....

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