Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Crumpets - the most delicious bread-pancake-ish English breakfast invention

I had never heard of crumpets before staying in the UK for the first time. I stumbled over this amazing English tradition during one of my shopping trips at Waitrose and thought I'd just give it a shot. And WOW, it was the best shot I had ever given in terms of bread-ish English foods.

I have tried quite a few sorts, never a freshly made one, only those you can get in the supermarkets, but the one I most remember and bought is probably from Warburtons.

The taste is pancake-ish and the texture (as long as it is toasted before eaten) slightly crunchy on the outside and spongy and soft on the inside and top of the crumpet. I love it with a lot of butter on top (sometimes a nice jam as well, but in general, butter is the best and simplest option to keep me totally happy). The butter quickly disappears in the warm crumpet's little holes and when you take the first bite, you can feel the amazing mix of crumpet and butter taste effortlessly flowing into one perfect crumpbutter-taste. *_* It surely is the only English 'supermarket bread' I truly miss when I am outside London ;) - I always passionately indulge in my favourite of all English breakfast inventions when I am on 'the island'....

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