Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cutting my long hair - from tailbone length to waist length

After: Waist length
Before: Tailbone/hip length
Yes, for those who know my love for very long hair, it might be surprising news, but I finally decided to cut my hair from tailbone/hip length to waist length.

I felt like it got too heavy for my rather petite body structure and I had several serious neck issues, especially after washing it. It might be part stress, but I believe it is mainly due to the weight of my hair, which got thicker in the last few years after changing my hair routine.

Front view
I also had to give up not drying it with a hairdryer, every time I would let it dry by itself I could be sure to have a totally stiff neck the next morning. Nothing you wish to experience more than once, especially not after EVERY freaking hair wash.... So, I guess here in Europe, especially in Germany, I will have to rely on my hairdryer unfortunately.

So, there you go, my new hair cut - as always cut at home - my head and hair have not seen a hair stylist for more than 5 years now and I really don't miss the (at most times disappointing) experience ;)

Side view


  1. It's still super long ;)
    Hope it makes all your aches go away.

  2. The neck ache actually did go away and didn't come back yet =) hopefully it will stay that way, using the hairdryer is probably the real saviour here. Love to you and your two beautiful boys! xxx