Friday, 8 November 2013

Brazilian beef liver with rice and beans

How to prepare Beef liver 
It is probably one of the things I am most hesitant to prepare although I thoroughly enjoy it: Cooked or fried liver.
When I saw the ad for fresh beef liver on the supermarket's meat counter for a pleasing 30% discount today morning, I decided that I really wanted to try it out again and thought I'd quickly describe how I made it this time.

First I rinsed the fresh liver thoroughly under hot water. Then I cut it in small pieces (about the size of half a cream cracker) and went on to quickly boil it, before I washed it out a second and then third time, until the water left in the sink was totally clear. (This is probably one of the reasons I rarely cook this dish: A looooooot of washing out and boiling involved, it takes much longer to prepare than normal meat and cutting fresh liver is even worse than cutting fresh meat ;) it is so slippery ….).

It was almost totally cooked when I finished to wash it out, put it in the pressure cooker and added the rest of the ingredients: Finely cut onion, garlic, salt, fresh parsley (or coriander, I honestly don t know if there's a real difference - it's called coentro here in Brazil), corante powder, soy oil, a bit of butter, a bit of water and tomato puree. 

I then left it 40 minutes on the highest stove heat setting in the pressure cooker and then separated about ¼ of it to separately fry it. We had both the cooked and fried liver with our alltime-classic 'feijão com arroz' (beans with rice). And as usual, froze the rest of the liver for future quick, liver meals.

Mmmmh, delícia!

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