Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Action and Fun with Berlin girl aka Kate Middleton's double

During the last few weeks, my bestie Berlin girl was staying here and it was absolutely wonderful to have someone close to my heart also close enough for hugs =) I already miss you LOADS hun...

The prince of sun and I at the beach of Eco Parque

Here a few pictures of our trip to the water action park ECO PARQUE and our incredible discovery of possible connections of Berlin girl with the British Royal Family. :D

Rabbit, Clown and Angel: my puppy Amie with 10 weeks

Angel: During a massage and snooze session
I cannot believe one month has gone by so quickly. And it is even more difficult to believe this as I am looking at my 10 week old dog who has grown into a teen dog over night :D

Monday, 25 February 2013

Quick and beautiful 1-min updo: Infinity Bun

The infinity is a really quick (less than 1min) but beautiful updo/bun. The updo I usually go for when I have no time but want my hair to look tidy and nice.

Simple steps:

1.       Twist your hair
2.       Create a normal bun with the twisted braid
3.       Push the upper circled part of the bun either to the side or up.

That’s it, here you have your infinity bun =)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Scottevest carry on coat

You might remember my blog post on the fab Scottevest travel trench coat with 18 (secret) pockets = wearable AND fashionable hand luggage?
Excess baggage? Rescue is here! SCOTTEVEST TRENCH

I can finally call myself a proud owner of one of them!

Let's see if I can get all my hand luggage items into the coat, shall we?! ;)

Before-after shots of the empty and filled up coat at the end of the blog post.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

London ABC: Travelcard and Buspass - adults and students

It is kind of the first thing you need to think about when arriving in London - how will you get around, and will it be by bus, tube, train or even cycling or walking?

For most tourists it will mainly be the tube and buses for those who feel a bit more confident to explore London and maybe get off somewhere unfamiliar.


That´s what tourists (and adults in general) are going to pay for the Oyster travelcard -> tube (as well as train, overground and DLR) depending on which zone*¹ they are planning to use and whether you wish to pay per journey or periods of time, such as a week or a month:

Oyster/Travelcard - tickets for tube, train, overground and DLR

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Design, build and live in your own house - all at the same time

It is probably one of the most common reasons why people are not able to visualize and afford their own homes and enjoy life at the same time:

They believe you can only live somewhere when it's ALL DONE AND READY.

Morning visit on our construction site
The prince of sun and I knew that it would take years to save money to have a ready home. As our whole life is an adventure anyway we knew we would do it differently.

We decided that all we care about is:

-saving money long term: getting out of the vicious circle of wasting money through renting and using the savings for travelling and enjoying life

-independence, safety & freedom: having our own place where we feel safe, are totally free to do what and how we wish to do it, for example having our own dog without worrying about changing rent regulations

-an affordable hence small but cosy home base: to be able to travel now and then and not have high maintenance/utility bills while at home and when travelling/abroad

-cheap living costs in the town of our home base, here in Porto Seguro, Brazil

-no rush: being able to take it slow, design and build the house at our speed and wallet abilities

-have spare time and enjoy life: instead of having the life of workaholics and no-time for 6-10 years, and not taking advantage of our youth, we prefer to build slow but steady and be able to go out, travel, eat well and enjoy ourselves with friends, family or just the two of us.
My house plan

So that's what we did: First we obviously needed a piece of land. We chose a long, narrow one, flat space of 3m wide/streetfront and 20m long/between two other houses. This shows that it won't be an ordinary house, the way people normally believe houses 'should' be built - such as

Friday, 1 February 2013

My nailcare routine - or how to have long nails

Having been asked to talk about my nailcare routine after a few last pictures, I have to be really honest: I do not actually have one.

I used to paint my nails now and then a few years ago, but due to my sensitive skin and a few nail-polish-remover-related allergies, I completely stopped using nail polishes and leave my nails basically just the way they are naturally.

The only thing I do now and then is massaging a bit of one of my oils into the nailbed, bring the nailbed in form and now and then use a file or scissors to cut them or remove splits or cracks. And that´s it, I guess.

Since not using any nail polish on my nails, they have been growing like weed and since I am here in Brazil, my nails (and my hair for that matter) have been growing even faster, the length of the nails you can see in the picture is after 4 weeks to one month of not cutting my nails. I guess it is due to the weather and healthy diet, probably the beans I mentioned in my hair routine ;)

Round bun - braided or twisted

This is one of my favourite hairdos, quite simple and quick but beautiful to look at.

It is really practical in those hot temperatures here and also during days when my scalp is sensitive as my heavy hair distributes itself easier due to the hairdo and so less pressure will be put on the individual roots and scalp sections.