Monday, 21 October 2013

Are you controlling your thoughts or your thoughts controlling you? Are your thoughts healing you or making you sick?

"We are trained to drive the car, drilled to know everything in the world and know everything about our jobs and fields of study. But are we trained to lead with our thoughts and feelings? Not in the slightest. Do we learn or even know that there exist instruments and that it is possible to train thought patterns to completely mold what we were before?

Instead of controlling our thoughts, our thoughts are controlling us. Our current world, education and science only prepare us to explore the outside world, but in no way are we prepared to explore and conquer the territory of our own self". (Be leader of your own self, A. Cury)
NO. We are left alone to be the helpless spectator of our thoughts and feelings, stuck in the audience.

A few weeks ago, my niece gave me an excellent *series of tiny books, written by Augusto Cury (I got the portuguese versions). They circle around the topic of the human mind, our thoughts and feelings and how we stop to stay victims of the latter and through psychological techniques and training new thought patterns learn to be the leader of our psych. world instead of being a cruel and exhausted audience of everything that happens inside of us. He invites us to be the main actor of our own theatre show recognizing flaws in our thought system and exchanging our thought windows and connections instead of being an apathic watcher in the audience claiming it to be impossible to mold irrelevant and hurting thoughts.

"The human mind is like a huge theatre. Your place is not in the audience, but on stage, being brilliant in your intelligence, feeling joy with your successes, learning with your failures and training every day to be THE AUTHOR OF YOUR STORY, a leader of your own self, the main actor of your theatre show." (Be leader of your own self, A. Cury)

The book series reminds me very much of similar thoughts that I got from a few different, similar brilliant books, such as

"The 4 agreements" by Miguel Ruiz 
In short: 1. honor your word, 2. don t make any assumptions, 3. don t take anything personal and 4. always do your best 
and thoughts from a leadership training session from university that I had during my studies, with the following quotes still ankered in my mind:
"You are that you are, whole and complete without flaw". 
Both train the reader and participant in similar ways and show him how to learn and keep changing thought patterns that hurt and stop your real self from being who you really want to be. You realize which thoughts you have learned or "realized" through the outside reality (and you will realize it probably is 99% of all you think!) but of which you believe are reality and "the fact". When in reality, almost nothing is "a fact" or "how it is".

One of the latest books that in addition to my (already very homeopathy - natural healing of psych. causes of physical results related) understanding of sickness have revolutionized my way of being able to mold my mind, feelings and related sicknesses even more, was a health-related book
"Heal your body" by Louise L. Hay. 
In her book she lists several sicknesses and gives explanations to why and through which thought patterns this sickness might have started out in the first place. It brilliantly explains the connection of physical sickness with thought and feelings-related patterns and gives the reader alternative, "healthy", and new possible thought patterns to be exchanged with the old, sickness-causing thought pattern. I find this book to be part of one of the most fascinating books I have ever had and was able to understand not only my own occasionally returning sickness patterns, but also those of friends, family..... an incredible piece.

I might actually write seperate articles about some of those books in the future, as this article seems to get longer and longer :D

All those books have helped me immensly in understanding, respecting, supporting and loving my real self and others as a result and taking the right decisions in life and understanding life (and health patterns throughout my whole life) a loooot better than ever before and helped in achieving an incredible happiness, that - of course - has to be achieved and reconquered every single day but through the books, my life's quality has probably tripled and helped me to distinguish in between what I was doing to "please the thoughts and beliefs that I picked up from OUTSIDE" and to realize that thoughts and old as well as new beliefs"that I truly believe in and that make my real self complete and happy". This is a daily learning process though and requires your real interest and attention, a life-long learning experience of knowing who and what you are and WANT TO BE!

Here another few lovely quotes by Augusto Cury (that I quickly translated as most that I found are in portuguese):

"What size has the universe? The universe has the size of your world. What size has my world? It has the size of your own dreams!"

"Search for a huge love in life and take care of it. As without love, life turns into a river without fountain/origin, a sea without waves, a story without adventures! But never forget that first of all, you need to have a love relationship with your own self!"

"When learning to love, the man does not cry tears of sadness, but of happiness. He won t cry due to wars or injustice, but because he understood that he looked for happiness in the whole universe and didn t find it. Instead he realized that God had hidden the happiness in the only place in which the man didn t think in searching: inside his own self!"

*The series of tiny books that I have read/am reading right now, by Augusto Cury:
1. Revolucione sua qualidade de vida. Navegando nas aguas da emocao (Revolutionize the quality of your life, navigating in the waters of emotion)
2. Dez leis para ser feliz. Ferramentas para se apaixonar pela vida (Ten laws for being happy. Instruments to fall in love with life.)
3. Seja lider de si mesmo. O maior desafio do ser humano. (Be leader of your own self. The biggest challenge of being human) 

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