Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A lovely afternoon in Putney: Limonade at the Boathouse & a stroll around Bishop's park & Fulham Palace herb garden

Putney Bridge
The first time that I set foot in Putney was during my young student years, my second stay (language school holidays) in London where I stayed at a lovely English lady's home in Putney a few years ago. Even though the first day started off rather on the wrong foot (at that time I had not that much knowledge of most English words so self-catering was innocently interpreted as Selbstbedienung (German for kind of just like just serve yourself of what's available), unfortunately it is kind of the  opposite :D.

After solving this little issue,  my kind host and I had a few wonderful weeks together and she showed me around the wonderful areas in Putney.
The Boathouse
Limonade & 
That's why Culture Girl and I decided to meet up in Putney this time for some limonade and tea at the Boathouse. It was a really lovely day, sun all day - at least in this part of London.

Anyway, after our relaxing stay at the Boathouse, we decided to take advantage of the wonderful sunshine and off we went to the nearby Bishop's park for a short stroll. A lot of people around, kids and dogs running around and sharing the love.

Culture Girl and THE RIVER

(I even got a bit of a sunburn and when I went home later to meet up with another friend in North West London, let's call her Holiday Girl: she looked at me with an open mouth and asked "where the heck did you get this sunburn today? It was cloudy and rainy ALL DAY LONG!" Well, not in lovely Putney :D).

Fulham palace - drawing room café

We also had a look at Fulham Palace, now a mix of museum, art gallery and drawing room café.

Fulham Palace herb garden

There is a beautiful herb garden close to the Palace. It reminds me of what I had in mind for the "original Secret Garden" scenery, especially the romantic entrance really enchanted me and Culture Girl.

Here local people are allowed to grow their own vegetables, fruit and flowers, we observed some mainly older people peacefully caring for their veggie plants, I really wanted to get my hands into the rich-scented, dark garden soil as well I have to admit....

A true gem!

In case you would like to visit Bishop's park and Fulham palace herb garden or the riverside pub BOATHOUSE:

Close tube stop: Putney Bridge

Fulham Palace
Bishop's avenue SW6 6EA
Bishop's Park, Fulham Palace
and its herb garden

Opening hours: Sat to Wed 1pm - 4pm

The drawing room café & Herb Garden
Opening hours: 10am - 4pm

The boathouse

32 Brewhouse Ln, SW15 2JX
The boathouse on Google maps

Opening hours: daily 12.00 - 23.00

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