Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Little parcels of Love

After receiving a surprise parcel from my friend Berlin girl, I thought why not show some of the lovely little surprises I often get send by friends and family.

Especially my mum has THE most precious and sweetest ideas, it always lights up my whole day no matter what I was feeling a few seconds before receiving it. The rest of the day I always just walk around with one big fat smile on my face.

One of her last surprise parcels had a whole set of my own (almost antique :D lol) collections of mainly paper-copied piano sheets that I had left at my parents' house and she had sent it over as soon as I bought my e-piano <3

The last parcel that I received (the one in the picture) was kind of an emergency surprise care package: We had been through a couple of pretty harsh weeks and who if not Berlin girl would think of such a wonderful idea to make us smile again - I particularly love the Big Ben style notebook and post its <3 Thanks so much hun!!!

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