Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fish and Chips at Spotted Horse pub in East Putney

After my afternoon park stroll with Culture Girl, she headed off to get some work done and I decided that it was time for an afternoon snack - or well, catch up with a proper lunch-dinner meal! I decided for an English classic this time:


Quite some time since I had my last one so I was really looking forward to it!

I decided to just go to a pub right here in Putney, quickly went to boots to get some stuff I still needed to stock up on and quickly found a nice, traditional pub called THE SPOTTED HORSE, on Putney High Street quite close to Putney train Station.

You need to order at the counter and then they will bring whatever you like to your place, if you first want to have a look at the menu, no worries, just get the drink and then sit down somewhere - that's what I did with my coke although in fact I already knew what I wanted to eat but wanted to check out the menu anyway ;).

It was a feast of a fish and chips dish, I did not actually manage to eat all of the chips, it was just too much for me, but very yummyyy. They have special daily offers on individual dishes, I believe Friday is the Specials Day for fish and chips, but I am not sure anymore. Oh, and of course they have free wifiiiii as well ;) 

Pub front view on
HP of Spotted horse
For more information on the pub:

Spotted horse
122 Putney High Street, SW 15 1RG

Close train station: Putney train station
Close tube station: Putney Bridge and East Putney

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat 10.00-24.00
Sun 12.00-23.00

Food service
Mon - Sat 10.00-22.00
Sun 12.00-21.00

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