Monday, 21 October 2013

Stanage Edge! Such diamonds are rocks and mountains!!!

Stanage Edge!!!! As written about it half a year ago, I actually went to visit Stanage Edge in the Peak District during my Europe tour =) It was absolutely amazing, also due to the fact that I went with a good friend from uni, let's call her honey girl! And she is true honey, a sweet, lovely and incredibly kind and intelligent woman with whom I had wonderful and mind juggling conversations that I love to remember until today. We started off in London, stuffed our bags with vinegar crisps and bananas at the next tesco and drove off by car (about 3h distance - as much as I remember...).

Which was a very sensible decision as:

We experienced almost any kind of weather that you can expect in the UK Peak District around April: Rain (I know I know, THE OBVIOUS :D haha), sunshine, snow, crazy wind and total calms plus a few minutes of hail!

I can only recommend to anyone who is amazed by the pictures you find on google (and my own ;), it IS as beautiful and breathtaking as it looks!!!

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