Thursday, 31 October 2013

Parcel post delivery in Brazil like bus bunching in London?

It is one of the funniest (but at times also most annoying) phenomenon of London buses. You keep waiting AGES for a bus... and then two or three often even with the same destination come along at once. They called this phenomenon bunching as far as I remember.

My mum's autumn surprise parcel
We are talking about buses, right. 

However, here in Brazil parcels seem to fit into the same bunching category it seems. You feel like no letters or parcels from home are arriving when people finally ask whether you got their (SUPPOSED TO BE) SURPRISE parcel, both of you already believe some of them got lost(or stolen-used (my favourite soft toothbrush that my mum had sent by parcel) or eaten (Lindt chocolate), depending on the delicious content :D lol)  which did happen at times. 

Berlin Girl's surprise parcel
And then, out of nowwhere, when all hope was lost, during two or three days ALL parcels are delivered in groups or one day after another. That’s what happened with Berlin girl’s and my mum’s parcels more than once. Berlin girl had even sent a yummy chocolaty replacement care package for the last care package which did arrive (last parcel blogpost with Big Ben notebook) <3 this time with two yummy Ritter Sport with the chocolate flavours Nugat and Halbbitter 50% Kakao) which arrived today together with a lovely autumn surprise parcel that my mom invented <3, I could almost smell the perfume of German autumn with its wet and windy weather and dancing colourful leaves!.... 

Parcel bunching it is.

So resuming, today I had to rescue both parcels as the postman usually just slips them through/under our front door and it was raining like crazy so I was almost flying downstairs running when the Prince of Sun told me from upstairs that he could see two parcels lying in our front yard getting all wet and dirty. Once Luke arrived first – ready to investigate the content with his mouth. And teeth that is :D But thank god, I was able to rescue both parcel and content.


  1. I know the "bunching" phenomenon all too doesn't even happen in cities like London but also all around the world...even in Germany and Belgium :)) So glad the parcels arrived at last, even in "bunching"
    Berlin Girl