Friday, 27 September 2013

Luke Pavarotti, Luke Ludovico, Bilu-ke: Our new puppy =)

Last night I was listening to some youtube music videos and just quickly went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I couldn t believe my eyes when I came back from the bathroom and saw my puppy Luke lying on the sofa, with his tiny head placed neatly into the headset and listening to the music with closed eyes :-O 

He probably realized (could hear) that I was listening to the following youtube video:

and he just loves this concert of Ludovico Einaudi so much, he always `sings` along when I listen to it <3 So probably he wanted to get some quality sound this time :D

Luke is with us since about one month, as the meaning of his name (Greek: Light) suggests he is a true light in our life, especially during some rather sad and nerve-wrecking last few weeks we had. 

Funny enough we realized later on that in addition to being a shiny light bringing love, warmth, joy and fun into our life, his coat is really light as well so =) The name is really made for him!

Just a few other names that have come along during the last few weeks of co-living:

Luke Pavarotti (the prince of sun said that one the first time) and Luke Ludovico (he loves classical music, especially Ludovico Einaudi) and if he is a bit too much of a raving madness and jumps a bit too crazy for our taste I sometimes just play a calming song on my piano and he startles, looks at me, lies down and relaxes (and often sleeps a short time later - a real piano geek :D

And Bilu-ke - Bilu is an expression of endearment that people here use when they talk to kitten and puppies, and I just added the ke as it includes his name quite conveniently =))

Bushibu - another expression of endearment (that I invented myself :D) when I call him and want to give him cuddles

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