Friday, 1 February 2013

Round bun - braided or twisted

This is one of my favourite hairdos, quite simple and quick but beautiful to look at.

It is really practical in those hot temperatures here and also during days when my scalp is sensitive as my heavy hair distributes itself easier due to the hairdo and so less pressure will be put on the individual roots and scalp sections.


1. Seperate three sections of hair on the back of your head, one on the upper part, one on the middle part and one on the lower part.
2. Braid or twist them into relatively loose braids.
3. Then start to create a bun with the braid from the middle, securing it with small claw clips. Then take the upper braid and continue the bun securing it around the bun you created with the braid from the middle hiding the ends. Your last braid, on the lower back part of your head, will be used to finish the circle bun and hiding the ends of the other braids, secure the ends of the last braid under the bun. Done =)

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