Friday, 1 February 2013

My nailcare routine - or how to have long nails

Having been asked to talk about my nailcare routine after a few last pictures, I have to be really honest: I do not actually have one.

I used to paint my nails now and then a few years ago, but due to my sensitive skin and a few nail-polish-remover-related allergies, I completely stopped using nail polishes and leave my nails basically just the way they are naturally.

The only thing I do now and then is massaging a bit of one of my oils into the nailbed, bring the nailbed in form and now and then use a file or scissors to cut them or remove splits or cracks. And that´s it, I guess.

Since not using any nail polish on my nails, they have been growing like weed and since I am here in Brazil, my nails (and my hair for that matter) have been growing even faster, the length of the nails you can see in the picture is after 4 weeks to one month of not cutting my nails. I guess it is due to the weather and healthy diet, probably the beans I mentioned in my hair routine ;)

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