Wednesday, 16 January 2013


That´s Amie, our "vira-lata". (Amie = french for friend/best friend)

She actually arrived earlier than planned. Her mother, due to medical issues, completely stopped feeding and mothering her and her siblings, so we were thrown into unexpected 24h motherhood.

Nothing better than having a nap after lunch

I must say we are lucky with our home jobs.

There is always at least one of us able to take care of her during day and night.

Massage and play session

For the next few months we'll probably not get much more than 4-5h sleep/day or more than 2h constant sleep in general but really, every single smile and the true love in her eyes makes it totally worth it, she is an Angel and for her age, learns quite quickly! <3 Today we took her to the vet for the first vaccination and worming as well as getting other basics there as well, her first adventure =)

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