Wednesday, 6 February 2013

London ABC: Travelcard and Buspass - adults and students

It is kind of the first thing you need to think about when arriving in London - how will you get around, and will it be by bus, tube, train or even cycling or walking?

For most tourists it will mainly be the tube and buses for those who feel a bit more confident to explore London and maybe get off somewhere unfamiliar.


That´s what tourists (and adults in general) are going to pay for the Oyster travelcard -> tube (as well as train, overground and DLR) depending on which zone*¹ they are planning to use and whether you wish to pay per journey or periods of time, such as a week or a month:

Oyster/Travelcard - tickets for tube, train, overground and DLR

'Oyster pay as you go' = you will upload a certain amount of cash onto an oyster card (which you get in most underground desks) and simply pay per journey/zone*¹, whether on the bus or tube/DLR etc.

That's what you´ll pay on the bus, no zones*¹ apply, bus passes can be used in every London zone and borough, you pay one journey and can stay on the bus through all zones*¹ - but you pay again when you change buses:

Oyster - bus tickets and bus pass
Your oyster travelcard for the tube is also valid for buses, as mentioned above, in all zones*¹ and no extra charge.

For the lucky London students there are discounts, it is rather difficult, almost impossible for tourist students that don't study in London or the UK, to get discounts as the student oyster cards are distributed/sold through a TFL HP that checks your student ID card and has connections to the relevant universities.


student Oyster/Travelcard - tickets for tube, train, overground and DLR

student Oyster - bus tickets and bus pass

*¹TUBE MAP with zones
Tube map with zones

If you wish to zoom/to see the map in more detail, just go to:

More information about tickets:
Transport for London:

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