Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Action and Fun with Berlin girl aka Kate Middleton's double

During the last few weeks, my bestie Berlin girl was staying here and it was absolutely wonderful to have someone close to my heart also close enough for hugs =) I already miss you LOADS hun...

The prince of sun and I at the beach of Eco Parque

Here a few pictures of our trip to the water action park ECO PARQUE and our incredible discovery of possible connections of Berlin girl with the British Royal Family. :D

Cannoeing with my baby

During our short boat trip

During one of our acerola juice-hammock-relax sessions, I took a picture of Berlin girl and we were both stunned - such a resemblence with Kate Middleton!!!

Kate Middleton aka Berlin girl 
Check out her blog:

Berlin girl and I at the Taperapuan Beach

Here on our last day/beach trip: See you in Berlin next May!!!


  1. awwww thanks hon :-x I miss you too already. But we'll see each other soon, looking forward to it. Thanks for having me here in Porto Seguro!! ~ Berlin Girl

  2. It makes a huge difference to have close friends and family around us even for a little while.
    Lovely pictures!! X