Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Amie's first beach trip

Last Sunday, we went on our first beach trip with Amie. She is 11 weeks old now, received all necessary vacc. shots and is used to short walks and sprints, so we thought we'd introduce her to the huge beach sandpit and sea bathtub with its soft and wild waves.

We were really excited and proud when she actually managed to swim first try! Although she doesn't like having a bath at home, she quite enjoyed cruising through the sea water. YAY!

But the thing she probably enjoyed most was caving her way through the sand and creating comfy warm wholes to lie down after an exhilarating sprint up and down the low sandy hills.

On our way home on the bus though, she was so tired that - although the bus trips are always quite bumpy and rushed - she slept - tongue out - content and happy through almost the whole journey home - our cuddly sweet baby... <3