Thursday, 10 May 2012

Living in two countries - 1

What's a woman to do when she's loving two...

Or three...

Three cultures, that is. And two cities to live in. The one and only city which is the 'love of her life'. Then the small town to live life to the full and the home*sweet*home to visit family and friends whenever the Sehnsucht (home sickness - which does not really contain the real sentiment...) hits the top nerve.

The home obviously is Germany, my home country. A village close to the French border, a 30-minute drive to beautiful EU-Strasbourg and an oasis of tranquility and peace of mind. Most of the time at least ;) I love visiting my parents and siblings who I ADORE, with all their odds and bits, but as it is after about 2 weeks, my dear self and its freedom genes are urging to leave to where its heart last stayed or where it would like to stay. Let's call this German village "the land of milk and honey".

The small town to live life to the full is a Brazilian well Bahian town called
Porto Seguro, Paradise (and sometimes hell in the same place) is where we, the prince of sun and I, decided to settle down at least for most of the time and where we have started to build our ninho (nest).

And the love of my life, the one and only, is, of course, good ol' London town. This is the place where I have most returned to and where I surely will return to again during the lovely time god has generously given me on earth....

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