Friday, 11 May 2012

Brazilian Native Cinnamon Leaves Tea - a canela-da-Índia

Yesterday we went to visit the prince of sun's grandparents who always tell us about their Indio (Brazilian native) and other local traditions.
This time I tried the most lovely Cinnamon Tea I have ever had in my life - instead of cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder, freshly plugged Cinnamon Leaves are used to brew the nearly transparent tea! The same leaves are sometimes used when making coffee giving the coffee THE most deliciously exotic smell and aroma!!!

The tradition says that besides its lovely taste, cinnamon leaves tea helps to relieve
nausea, colds and stress and can even lower blood sugar!


  1. I had no idea cinnamon leaves were rarely used, I thought it was common, we've always had one planted on our house (I'm from brazil too, though). Its my favorite tea ever, its much better than cinnamon bark for tea.

  2. Thanks for stepping by =) actually, it might be quite common in other cultures, just where I am from (Germany) nobody heard of it before so =) which region are you from? Cheers, The German Brazilian Londoner