Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dream Home in Hampstead Heath

I have had this dream for a long time... And maybe one day....

I believe I have lived in pretty much every wind direction of London: During a 4 week language course I shared a flat with an English host lady in lovely Putney (SW), which I loved for its beautiful houses and green spaces, especially the little castle tower next to Putney Bridge. During my BA studies I shared a flat in north-east Walthamstow (E) and was and still am a huge fan of its high street market.

Then a few years later during my BA and MA I lived in Holloway Road, Islington (N), loved the Spanish restaurant around the corner and its spinach cream soop as well as the mouth-watering lamb kebabs you can get in loads of places there. Later it was Camberwell (SE) with a local tiny park (30 sec distance) and cheap cinema visits in the neighbourhood's Rye Lane cinema for 3,5 pounds... A few weeks at my friend s house in Ladywell (SE) (this area has great fishmongers for everyone who loves to cook grilled Tilapia!).

When the prince of sun and I stayed in London a few months ago, we stayed in Plaistow (E) (this area's tesco sells delicious (& cheap) beans "feijao tropeiro" for about 60p per kilo!) and our final home was in lovely Southfields (SW), just adored the 5-minute walk to Putney Heath and Wimbledon Park as well as the French shop around the corner with its incredible mirabelle jam!

But I have always known where I would want to stay and create our cosy London nest.

In wonderful Hampstead Heath

Let me introduce you to this beautiful green area in case you don t know it yet:

And yes, in case you are wondering and asking yourself whether we are in the countryside already, no, the Heath really is located in


Northwest (NW), to be exact.

I don´t really care which borough/area - whether south, north, west or east - it will be as long as it is in the "Hampstead Heath Radius"!

As I am dreaming already, let me show you imaginations of my Hampstead Heath dream garden flat in a collage:
And who knows.... one day... one day...

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