Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Do you want to look young again?

Just let them pull your wisdom teeth and you look like a cute, chubby 5-year-old... muahahahaha 

Oh, a little piece of advice: the cuteness comes at a high cost: no proper food, pain, everyone is bursting into tears laughing but you cannot join in, or well, you might in case you would like to repeat the needle and thread game... and it (hopefully) doesn t last that long.

Results you can achieve:

That was about 1,5 years ago, the two upper wisdom teeth were both sitting in the gums and bones when they were removed, yes, they were not even born yet just as the now remaining... which will be removed now and sits, well, rather lies on the left side and is pushing the other tooth next to it (or as my Brazilian dentist put it: Esta comendo o outro dente do lado = he´s eating the tooth next to it... :-O

Will have my last check on Thursday and in the following weeks the operation...

Thank god that I don´t have a lower right wisdom tooth...

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