Saturday, 29 March 2014

Quick "Digestive" Cinnamon Oat biscuits - Easy recipe & basic ingredients

Today afternoon I was working and patiently concentrating on solving some $%# issues when I suddenly felt THE most urgent desire to have some digestive oats biscuits. Now, those who have never had them (most people living in the UK have probably come across a sort during one of their shopping trips), it is simple oats biscuits/cookies, nothing makes them more digestive than other sorts :D But I guess it did the trick for me somehow and I ADORED them, definitely one of my clear favourites of English biscuits. Especially the ginger oat biscuits, omg...

The thing is - I am NOT in London or the UK at the moment, so how on earth could I satisfy my desire? I almost immediately decided that today was the DIGESTIVE trial, my first attempt to make proper oats biscuits.

And THANK GOD, they turned out almost identical in taste, if not a bit better as I did not use as much sugar and additives as they probably use in their factory biscuits. The ingredients list of my recipe of cinnamon oats biscuits is reaaally simple, I would even claim that almost everyone has the necessary ingredients at home:

Ingredients: (makes +/-25 medium sized biscuits)

150g butter or sunflower oil
100g sugar
200g self-raising flour
70ml milk
100g oats
1 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

a bit of butter or oil to grease the baking tray

oven: 180 C, 20-25min

Just add 3/4 of the flour to the rest of the ingredients, knead the mixture very well and slowly add more and more flour. Then form some tiny balls and press them down. Keep a bit of flour at the side so that you can dust the cookie on both sides before putting it on the greased baking tray. Then put them in the (180 C) oven and let them sit for 10-15min, I prefer them golden on both sides that s why I slip them over halfway through. But you could let them sit for the whole 20-25min, depending on how gooey or crunchy you like them, keep them in for shorter or longer. I like them pretty golden crunchy on the outside and a tiny bit gooey on the inside, I often make some thicker ones (my gooeys) and keep some tiny (my only-crunchies).

Splendid stuff *_*

Enjoy! =)

*Edit on 31.3.2014: Tipp: Just re-did them for tea time today, but this time I also dipped them into a bit of sugar on both sides just before putting them in the oven - resulting in some serious crunchy caramelizing *_* nom!

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