Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mannas Zappan - Organic soap bars from Hungary

Mannas Zappan Soap Bars & Dresdner Essence relax bath
I had to write about one of my latest obsessions... but first things first: A few weeks ago, my London friends dance girl and holiday girl came to visit me here in Germany for a weekend. Spending our days eating out and sightseeing around the Baden-Baden and Alsace regions and hiking up the enchanting Geroldsauer Waterfalls, we actually spent our first 1h together just exchanging presents <3

One of the presents holiday girl gave to me was a wonderful collection of organic body, face and hair soap bars that she ordered from a supplier in Hungary. The brand is called Mannas Zappan and the products were originally made by a mum that got frustrated with available body care products. Mainly due to her children's allergies, she felt that common products did not work with her family and created their own original organic products: the soap(bar)s are all natural and organic, the ones I received in my collection, have an intense and earthy perfume, each of them has its distinct smell that gets you quite quick. All lather fantastically (for those who miss the lather in other organic soaps), probably due to the coconut soap that most of the soaps contain. I tried them out today (yes, all of them at once :D, I just could not resist) after having a wonderful muscle relax bath using the Dresdner Essenz Muskellockerungsbad. (Got to spoil yourself from time to time, don't ya?!)
My collection of
Mannas Zappan soap bars

On the left a few pictures of the soap bars, here a quick translation of each soap type (no guarantee though, it has been with the google translator ;)

On the upper left, a body soap bar with cinnamon and coconut, it says something like good for maintaining firm skin. Yummy it is for sure!

On the lower left in light green, the shampoo soap bar of my collection, I absolutely loved my hair - I tend to have normal, rather dry hair and often have an electricity thing going on just after drying them, but this shampoo soap really helped avoiding the static state. It smells a bit citrussy and I suspect another green ingredient here:
Green tea, I am not really sure about it though, as the google translation said something about healthy castles so... haha... probably not the right translation here!

Then on the lower right, my current favourite: the chocolate and coconut soap bar *_* I am very well able to inhale this one for quite a long time :D no wonder, as its lovely potion contains cocoa powder, coconut and peppermint!

Finally on the upper right in pretty black, a face soap bar with ebony for t-zone and oily skin. My face skin is pretty dry at the moment so I only used a teeny tiny bit. For those with oily skin it should be perfect, as even for my very dry skin it was still mild enough, probably a tad too drying if I used loads of it. I did wash it off straight away so probably you should leave it on for a bit longer if you have oily skin.

Only downside: I believe they don't have an English version of their HP yet, so I might need the help of holiday girl to get my hands on this stuff again when it's gone! ;)

Here the official website: Mannas Zappan Soaps

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