Friday, 28 March 2014

Love parcels: If I were a little bird and had 2 little wings, I'd fly to you!

Today I had two sweet surprises waiting for me at my doorstep.

One was literally sweet: A parcel from my lovely mum <3 full of goodies, delicious, sweet forest fruit tea (that I am slurping right now) as well green tea and as other sorts, loads of beautiful poems, songs and prayers as well as the invitation to my cousin's wedding and some cheerful baloons. =) My dear mum always manages to surprise me over and over again with new ideas and beautiful memories of my childhood and favourite childhood songs as well as showing me new poetry and in general re-inventing life and love the whole time.

The poem that touched me most was my alltime favourite little bird song (shown on the postcard in the middle picturing a young woman with a looong braid sitting under a try, being thoughtful and observing little birds flying around. The only colour aspect of the picture is a tiny heart on the bottom <3 so beautiful! *_*).

The poem says:                                                     (this old-style-German poem translates to something like:

"Wenn ich ein Voeglein waer,                                If I were a little bird  
 und auch zwei Flueglein haett,                               and had two little wings,    
floeg ich zu dir.                                                      I'd fly to you!
Weils aber nicht kann sein,                                    But as it cannot be,
weils aber nicht kann sein,                                     but as it cannot be,
bleib ich all hier!"                                                   I'll have to stay right here!).

She has also sent me loads of beautiful poems by Rudolf Alexander Schroeder, which I will come back to in a minute =) By the way, my mum had sent some cosmetics as well, but those errr got lost on the way somehow - we will never know where, right, aehem....

The second nice surprise was a traditional postcard from my friend law girl who is doing her LLM, master of law, in San Francisco and has sent her lovely lines over. It is the first postcard that actually arrived, she had sent one from New York once that got lost in the nirvana of international air mail =) So happy it arrived this time hun! <3 And who knows maybe the Brazilian mail will be getting better and better each, paying a bit more to their staff resulting in more reliable work force resulting in better service offered to the public!

(So yes, just need to work on that 'stuff disappearing'-issue, but we'll get there right, as we say in Germany: Es ist noch nie ein Meister vom Himmel gefallen = It never happened that a master fell from the sky., meaning we all continue learning and perfecting what we do...

And now, as promised before, here some of the beautiful poems by Rudolf Alexander Schroeder:

Im Schatten                                                           In the shadow

Noch keine Schwelle, keine Spur                            Not yet a threshold, not yet a trail,
Und doch ist alles Spur und Schwelle.                     But after all everything is trail and threshold.
Von deiner Spur                                                     Of your trail
Der Schatten nur,                                                   Only remains the shadow,
In deinem Schatten faend ich Helle!                         In your shadow I found brightness!

So hebt der Morgen sein Gesicht                             And so the morning lifts his face
Erwachend vor des Tages Grenze.                          Waking up in front the day's threshold.
"Ich dunkle", spricht                                                 "I'm darkening", says
Ein jedes Licht,                                                       Each and every light,
Doch alles Dunkel spricht: "Ich glaenze."                  But all dark says: "I shine."
It gives me the shivers and tears in my eyes, such a beautiful, deep and truthful poem =)

Er haelt dich                                                         He holds you
Er haelt dich doch am Finger,                                  And yet he holds you at your finger,
Auch wenn dus ihm nicht glaubst,                             Even if you don t believe him,
Du machst ihn nicht geringer                                    You don t make him minor,
Wenn du dich selbst beraubst.                                 When you rob yourself.

Ob auch dein Aug jetzunder                                     Even if your eyes right now
Im Spiegel nichts gewahr,                                        Don t catch what s in the morror,
Gott bleibt ein Gott der Wunder,                              God remains a God of Miracle,
Sein Nam ist: Wunderbar.                                        His name is: Miraculous.    

Why do we rob ourselves of the goodness He gives us so freely.... I really need to be alert more to all the wonderful things I received and am receiving all the time, I am so thankful for everything <3

There are loads of other poems, but no time to put them here right now. If you wish to see some more, just let me know in the comments =)  

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