Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Juparanã Tapioca - Pudim-cuzcuz de tapioca (semolina-rice-couscous-ish Tapioca manioc-flour pudding)

On the (rare) 'chilly' days here in Porto Seguro I love to prepare cuzcuz de tapioca (I prefer to call it pudim de tapioca as traditional cuzcuz dishes are mostly with coconut milk and coconut pieces which I rarely use even if the traditional recipe recommends it).

Most of the time I keep it very simple and just mix the Juparanã Tapioca cereal (which looks like kind of a mix of semolina, couscous and rice) with (loads of) milk, cream, salt, sugar and spices (pimenta, cinnamon), let it rest a bit in milk, then cook the milk on low heat, mix with spices and then leave it with loads of more milk to thicken.

The grains tend to swell a lot, so first time I tried it I ended up with a huuuuge pot of this delicious, sweet and very filling dessert! Less is more even if it looks like nothing when you put it in the milk pot first... it reminds me of semolina, just muuuch bigger grains - and at first it might feel funny eating them as it feels like lots of little soft-yet-hard-ish pearls.

Now, what exactly is Juparanã Tapioca?
I had to research this as well as I first bought the grains by mistake when I wanted to make tapioca-pancakes (still have to do this, I absolutely adore tapioca-flour-pancakes which I had first time at a friend`s house in Salvador and since eating those delicious (healthy) pancakes for the first time, I have them almost every month - if I had a shop selling it close to our house, I would probably have it every week *_*

Now back to the Juparanã Tapioca - far as I get from their website, Juparanã keep it in the cereals-flour section of their products (not in the grains section), so I am not absolutely sure how I can explain what exactly it is (the package is not really offering an ingredients list either :D. So I believe it must be a very grainy consistency of the original product, very grainy Tapioca flour - which is made of the vegetable manioc (if anyone has a more detailed explanation, please do not hesitate to comment ;) But even the Brazilians around me were not able to explain more about its origins or exact ingredient, so I believe it probably is just plain, big-grained manioc flour ....

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