Monday, 25 March 2013

A tree in the wind

Left: our neighbour's mango tree
Some time ago I was sitting on the roof of our house, my bubbly neighbour Clarinha, 4 years old, was sitting beside me. We were talking about anything and nothing, when I asked her:

"Você sabe que tipo de árvore é"
("Do you know what kind of tree it is")

pointing to the tree on the left. That time the mangoes weren't ripe yet so it wasn't as obvious as it is on the picture. She looked at the tree, looked at me with a surprised face and said:

"Bem, uma árvore no vento"
("Well, a tree in the wind")

Simple as that. It really hit me that moment. Here I was, trying to define and make sense of everything around me, she just said what she saw - what it was.

A tree in the wind.

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