Monday, 11 March 2013

Brazilian PERMANENCIA Visa - I am now an official (permanent) resident!

A bit less than a year ago, I handed in my permanencia papers, had the usual (check out dirty laundry and ask any just so inappropriate question) immigration officers visit and paid the most absurd fees one can imagine.

But yes, here I finally am with the official foreigner's identity - provisional paper-document obviously (still another few weeks/months until the plastic ID is ready. Excuse the black marker - but do not want to risk any identity theft..... But no worries - the most important parts are visible :D

Which are: Brazilian Logo. Documento. Identidade. Permanente. 

Plus my totally sweaty face (photo taken on the same day I handed in the final documentation and received the provisional ID) haha, it was another exhausting documents hunt, up and down the hills from the centre, bearing the queue in front of the city hall at 7am to get hold of one of the precious number slips and wait another 3h to get certified copies at the crowded city hall corridor aka only f***ing place where certified copies can be made plus passport photo shop and passing internet cafes to fill in online forms, print out some more and back to the policia federal at the airport.....

But I am now officially free to come and go when I want and need to. Sure, I shouldn t stay abroad for two years, but we do know that's no realistic option, Amie would be quite p***ed off ;) Which leaves me with the next inevitable step - I am OVERDUE for a EU visit! Family and friends - here I come!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*


  1. Ah valeu o sufoco, né?!? Parabéns!!!


  2. Obrigada =) Valeu com certeza, vc não imagina minha alegria!