Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pastel - one of the delicious Brazilian fast foods

Pastel de carne... Pastel de queijo e presunto... Pastel pizza... Pastel frango catupiry... Pastel Banana Real...

One of the delicious Brazilian fast foods is the famous PASTEL. It is a deep-fried thin pastry envelope wrapped around the most delicious fillings (cream chicken, pie&meat, sweet banana...) one can imagine.

Combined with Coke (the one in the glass bottle) and mayonnaise it is one of the mouth-watering sins Brazil has to offer.

Just remember:
only eat it once a week or less - otherwise you will soon suffer from the side-effects of the bad-fattie-oil-enemies. And probably, you'll feel the heart-accelerating results of it straight away ;)


  1. Pastel with mayo is news to me. :)
    I love it and I was actually planing to buy pastry this weekend to do it. Chicken with catupiry is my favorite. Shame one cannot find catupiry in London. xx

    1. yes, probably due to import regulations, it's a shame... but I am sure with your cooking talent it will be an easy thing to just make it yourself =) Pastel without mayo is an impossibility for me ;) Here a recipe I found on the net:

      Would be lovely to see the result of your homemade pastel frango catupiry later. xx