Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How much does it cost to pick up your own birthday present at a Brazilian post office?

My dear parents and sister prepared a special surprise for my 26th birthday... 

My lovelies have collected my favourite EU products and other items (have not opened the box yet, birthday is still approaching!), put them into a huge box and sent them from Germany to Brazil to (punctually) arrive on my birthday. Must have spent a good amount of money to buy the products and another good amount for the parcel itself.

Now one might not think !Picking up! a birthday present is very expensive. I even thought well, I might have to pay a bit of border tax.

We arrived at the post office.

"São 255,04 reais" (about 100 euros)


Right. This really is the most expensive price I have ever had to pay to RECEIVE a birthday present.

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