Thursday, 16 August 2012

Native Brazilian hair secrets - Dica da Índia: tutano do boi

Warning: The vegetarians and vegans amongst you might not want to read the next lines ;)
This Native Brazilian hair secret combines ox marrow (tutano do boi) with other natural or cosmetic ingredients:

First, the
I. pure ox marrow 
II. needs to be boiled
III. let it cool a little bit
IV. mix it with either conditioner or other hair creames
V. mix it with natural hair-loving ingredients such as avocado 

Apply it to semi-wet hair, cover with a plastic cap (or bag from the supermarket ;) and let it sit for about an hour, if possible put a hot towel on it or relax in the garden sun... Then  remove it with shampoo and condition as normal.

This traditional recipe is incredible for moisturizing dry hair after a long day at the beach just be careful to not get everything greasy - best thing might be to use plastic gloves ;)


  1. I loved when you say to cover the hair with a supermarket bag. That's sooo brazilian. I guess you can see some people walking in the streets like that ;)

  2. :D yes, and it's less trouble, no need to clean it afterwards as you can just throw it away later ;)