Monday, 18 June 2012

My favourite Indian culinary treats – Chicken Korma in Camberwell

During my flatshare time in Camberwell, SE London, I often went to Zouk-Lambada on Monday and Wednesday nights with the “dance girl” (I had actually met her at Zouk-Lambada and she stayed one of my best friends until the very day) and arriving late in the evening, both being hungry from dancing, talking and laughing, we ordered some take aways with my local Indian restaurant, 5min from my home. I also had dinner there once when my parents and brothers were visiting me and in general, got one of my two favourite Indian culinary treats – either:

Chicken Korma, which is chicken in lovely sweet creamy Coconut sauce or Lamb Tikka Massala, together with rice and sweet naan bread accompanied by traditional Indian joghurt drink, called Mango Lassi. As far as I remember, the restaurant is a family-friends run business and after two times ordering, the adorable staff already knew my voice and address and often delivered the food together with a free treat, such as free drinks or some kind of Indian crisps with mint dip. Never took longer than 40min, great service, wonderful cuisine!

JJ caterers Ltd
137a Southampton Way
Camberwell, Greater London SE5 7EW
020 7703 3761‎

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