Saturday, 16 June 2012

Thoughts on German breakfast culture and my favourite French delicatessen shop in London

I have always been fond of breakfast time. I even feel like after having lived with friends and the prince of sun in London and Brazil that German culture compared with the latter literally celebrates breakfast, especially on Sundays.

A German proverb even has the following diet suggestions:"Frühstücke wie ein Kaiser, iss zu Mittag wie ein König und nimm dein Abendmahl wie ein Bettler" ("have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar").

So what's part of a typical Baden-Württembergian German Sunday breakfast?

Drinks: Tea, Coffee and/or Hot chocolate, at least one sort of juice, in general freshly pressed orange juice, sometimes joghurt drink

Foodies: Quality bread such as farmer's bread ("Bauernbrot") or "Laugenweckle", basically a pretzel roll, spreaded with butter (the one without salt), "soft-cooked", salted breakfast egg eaten in an egg cup ("Eierbecher") while dunking in some small cut buttered bread, different types of cheeses, honey and jams, fresh pieces of fruit or fruit salad, joghurt and granola...

I am always on the hunt for quality foods, especially confitures. When living in Southfields, I was lucky enough to live 5min from a French delicatessen shop called Chanteroy, selling lovely Bonne Maman confitures and French cheeses. I once had a gelée de fruit which tasted like mirabelles, but it was called differently. I browsed the internet but it seems like Bonne Maman stopped producing this sort altogether, I was unable to find it... Anyway, here the shop and address for those interested in checking it out, they also sell their products online if you live further away from the London South West:

233A Wimbledon Park Road
London, Greater London SW18 5RJ, United Kingdom
020 8874 1446‎

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