Friday, 22 June 2012

Better than fries/chips: Aipim frito!

I would ALWAYS switch fries/chips with fried manioc, it is THE most delicious fried vegetable I know. Just add a bit of salt and have some mango juice with it - all you need after a long swim in the ocean! Mouthwatering!!!

Manioc: in Portuguese: Aipim or Mandioca, do not really know where exactly the difference is, but the prince of sun told me Mandioca-brava can only be used to make the widely used farinha (flour) (it will produce a weak poison
when cooked in its original, or at least something like that, but you can still cook it when it is in its flour consistency) and the other one, especially aipim manteiga (butter manioc) is eaten cooked or fried.

When cooked, it is very delicious as a chicken and garlic mash! Delicia!