Sunday, 6 January 2013

A dream come true: London's outer circle line

One of my dreams came true in December. No, it wasn't the flat somewhere close to Hampstead Heath ;) But what happened made Hampstead Heath much more accessible for everyone, no matter where they live in London:

The outer circle of the London overground.

Having lived in Camberwell, I remember my almost 2h journey to get to Hampstead Heath in NW and with the new connected routes, it should only take about 30min now, starting from Peckham Rye in the SE. Southfields was quite distant as well, but now it should be just about 35min from West Brompton.

Most importantly, for whom had to take the tube everyday for work - from west to east, or south to north and bear the overcrowded tube when riding through central London - this will be a major relief as they can now just avoid crazy rush hour and very long rides. Even if the overground will be overcrowded due to its faster connection, the journey will be much quicker and therefore easier to stand through as precious free time will be won both in the morning and evening.

Hats off!

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