Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas time in Porto Seguro, Brazil

Having lived in Europe, mainly Germany and London, during all my life, I´ve always associated Christmas with the snowy Winterwonderland, hot tea and wine, cinnamon cookies and a traditional Christmas tree.

This year was my first HOT Christmas and I have to admit there was a really different feel to it. A few days before Christmas, we went to the beach. It was midday and with the prince of sun next to me, I admired the 2nd love of my life. The ocean, glittering in the heat and showering cool water drops on our warm arms.

It was wonderful. But I did not feel christmassy at all. It might be due to the fact that...
 ....both me and my husband accepted extra work during Christmas, so we also didn’t show any efforts to prepare our home and create a Christmas atmosphere, although I realized when visiting friends and family here, that almost nobody does it here in Porto Seguro. Sure, it might be due to the fact, that now during Christmas time, most people are working the hardest as the high season – summer holidays here in Brazil, last from the beginning of December until around mid February. So almost everyone around us is working day and night, earning 4 times more than usual. Most people live from what they earn during December/January and February/March, for the rest of the year as tourism is weaker during the other 8 months.

We decided to spend Christmas with my husband´s family and enjoyed the family time with about 30 other members of the extended family from all over Brazil, while working at the same time. It was the best mix, as we were able to relax and chat with loved ones and did not lose ourselves too much in our working life. By the way, Christmas lunch was celebrated at the grandparents´ house and it was amazing, a buffet full of goodies:

Grilled Piru, grilled chicken and grilled pork, flavoured rice, corn cream, Farofa (roasted mandioc flour) with banana, raisins and bacon (Speck), mixed salad, coconut cake and lemon cake plus lovely coconut ice cream (geladinhos) *_*


  1. Oh I miss Xmas and NYE in Brazil but you're right in Europe it has a different feeling. I love the smell of real Xmas tree and having the family around the fire place...

    Feliz 2013 pra voces!! :)

  2. Thanks hun, feliz 2013 para você, o bofe e o bombom! =)