Wednesday, 7 August 2013

"Knowledge is for sharing. And so are strawberries." Frozen Joghurt @ Wonderpots in Berlin

 During my Europe tour, I went to Berlin and Potsdam to stay with - you probably guessed it - Berlin girl! During one of the days we went to WONDERPOTS, a cafe that sells the healthiest ice cream I know - and by far one of the most delicious organic ones: frozen joghurt with all imaginable fruits and sweets *_* AMAZING.

We went twice, once to their cafe in Berlin-Mitte (lovely atmosphere, quite spacious compared to the other stores)

Georgenstraße, S-Bahnbogen 194
close to the train station Friedrichstr.

and the other time to their cafe in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Hardenbergplatz 2
close to Zoologischer Garten

There are three Wonderpot stores in Berlin, the third one is at the Alexa shopping centre at Alexander Platz.

Berlin girl enjoying her wonderpot <3 Miss you hun!!!

It is THE BEST during warm spring and hot summer days, even if the weather was rather chilly with a bit of sun on the day we went there, the taste really made up for it. 

As a coffee lover, I had to try their espresso which was lovely as well. I'll definitely return when I visit Berlin next time!

My simple choice this time:

Frozen Joghurt:
-The original organic frozen joghurt

-Krokant (= brittle = chopped up pieces of caramalized, hard peanuts)

Here a close up of the wall drawing (and
heading of this post) which I found quite sweet.

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