Thursday, 13 February 2014

Easy 32p Soda Baguette with a slight taste of Bretzel

Freshly-made warm bread is one of the things I never get tired of. Especially when it's simple ones with basic and only few ingredients, a short preparation and short baking time.

This Soda baguette is kind of a copy version of Easy Soda Bread - A girl called Jack - a simplified 32p Soda Bread recipe posted by Jack Monroe.

I have changed a few things, but most of the recipe is the same. Wonderful and quick "Airy Fairy Easy Peasy Soda Bread", which surely will become one of my quick weekly fresh bread options from now on. I was really surprised that the bread had a slight Laugen (pretzel) taste on the bottom side and crust *_* Another plus point here!

I have to admit although I had warm lunch and warm dinner, (heavy lunch of rice, beans, pumpkin and cooked chicken and heavy dinner of rice, beans and fried carne-de-sol meat), the latter actually just about 1h before the bread was ready, I still managed to eat the whole baguette (supposed to serve 4) all by my own and had it warm with melting butter and blackberry jam......

(The baguette could serve 2-4 for breakfast, but as far as I am concerned, I would probably almost always be able to smash it all by myself for breakfast, lunch or dinner)

250g of self-raising flour
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
180ml whole milk
juice of half a lemon
1 bit of salt
a bit of butter to grease the loaf tin
1 egg yolk

Preparation time: 7min
1. Mix the milk and juice of half a lemon - let it sit on the side to sour
2. Mix flour and bicarbonate of soda in another bowl
3. Prepare a medium serving tray or work surface and lay out a good amount of flour
4. Make a hole in the flour-bicarbonate mix and pour the milk-mix inside, add a bit of salt
5. Mix and knead with your hands or a spoon - you will get a pretty sticky dough, not a lot of kneading necessary, just so that all ingredients are well mixed
6. Put the dough on the beforehand-prepared work surface and sink the dough into the flour, slowly work a bit more flour into it until the dough can be lifted without sticking too much to your hands, if it looks like a batter, that's fine.
7. Lay the dough onto a lightly greased baking tray or loaf tin, I decided to make a thin baguette so that the bread would bake quicker, I almost always make rolls or baguette instead of a huge chunk of bread no matter what kind of bread I make as it takes less baking time. Spread baguette top with a bit of egg yolk.

Oven time!

Baking time: 200C for 20-30min (it might take a bit longer depending on the form you have given your bread, baguette or roll), my baguette was ready at about 20min

You could have it warm just with a bit of butter, or butter and jam, or butter and honey.... I always have it just with a bit of butter first before adding more spreads - just to get those wonderful first bites of pure warm-bread-with-melted-butter goodness!


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