Saturday, 8 February 2014

`Capital` by John Lanchester: Hilarious, moving & suspense-packed book about Londoners & financial crisis

I have already read a lot of books, articles and blogs about the everyday wonders of life of normal (and particular) Londoners. But no book captured the daily struggles and beautiful moments and feelings and interconnections between residents of the capital so beautifully as John Lanchester did in his book CAPITAL.

I finished the book wanting to read it again just to dwell in my favourite chapters. John Lanchester describes the happenings concentrating mainly on one London road, Pepys Road, with a thrilling, weird threats-postcards-addressed-to-all-residents side-story. He connects the lives of workers, (a Hungarian nanny or the Polish painter working for the rich, an English banker, his shopaholic wife and their sweet two boys as well as a  young football star from Senegal, and the immigrants, an extended Pakistani family (owners of a local shop) of uncles and brothers and wife and their wonderful little children, and police force and the pensioners, an elderly woman dying of a brain cancer and loads of other Londoners, describing their life, feelings and interconnections, outside and inside happenings, so neatly that you often believe he is not writing fiction. This all just sounds so warm and human that it feels like you already know and have met those people in real life.

My favourite residents are:
The Pakistani family, the atmosphere in their daily life just feels so cosy and warm and chaotic - just wonderful (familiar) life with its ups and downs in a loving family environment, reminding me a bit of my own family now and then.... And he effortlessly interconnects the residents` life changes as a result of the financial crisis crashing on normal Londoners.

Highly recommendable read! I frequently forgot the time when reading and the many life stories are so thrilling that you often wish to jump chapters just to know what is going to happen next to this particular Londoner!

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