Saturday, 18 January 2014

Love parcels: Belated Christmas bunching

So waiting patiently during Christmas and New Year really paid off ;)

Punctually at about 2 weeks into the new year 2014 (oh and I totally forgot: HAPPY NEW YEAR BY THE WAY)! 

A small letter with a wedding invitation arrived around the 10th of January, then the first two Christmas and indulgence related parcels from my mum arrived on the 14th and the last Christmas surprises parcel came from my sister on the 16th.

My mum`s Christmas parcel had a really sweet mouth painted postcard with a wintery setting, a decorated Christmas tree and a pretty child-angel holding a the top star of the tree, in the background of a snow-covered landscape with a cute bridge and little houses. And even Luke received his own postcard, with a cute Christmas sausage dog frontside and a tiny yummy", crunchy dogfood plastic bag. Luke`s eyes totally glimmered when he was eating it, so this was a true Christmas treat!

The second parcel was poetry and arts indulgence with a beautiful butterfly spray painting, a ballet-culture postcard, a tiny calender for 2014 and a mouth-painted calender picture with a beautiful quote by Jean Jaures (German: Die groessten Menschen sind jene, die anderen Hoffnung geben koennen. = English: The greatest people are those who are able to bring hope to others.) plus some amazing dividable dog-sausage treats for Luke which he absolutely loves - a good thing to use for our training sessions, need to get more of those when I visit my family in spring. Oh yes, I did not mention it yet, but YYYAAAAAY, we are close to another trip to Europe, this time together with the prince of sun and we are concentrating on Germany only with a short visit to our funky capital Berlin (and Berlin girl obviously) and other treats coming soon *_* - cannot wait to see my sweet niece and sister, brothers, mum and dad, grandma, friends.... aaaah =) By the way, I was really laughing at the name of the Orlando dog sausage product but cannot go into details due to privacy reasons but... I really love the fun thought behind it and understand why mum picked exactly those HILARIOUS! And finally, my favourite relaxing Camilla bath liquid *_*
Now let`s get to the final love parcel, sent by my sister (and partly my mum as well):
Contents amongst others: her sweet, warm Christmas wishes on an absolutely sweet Janosch letter paper <3 and filled with delicious, organic cosmetics goodies *_* The absolute highlight was a Lush Fun Bar in Yellow, vanilla and gardenia flavoured, with which you can even play around before using it in the shower or bath! In Germany we call this texture "Knete", it is kind of play dough like. My friends and family all know that I ADORE VANILLA =) In all its shapes and forms and textures for that matter. This delicious scent lingered on my skin even a few hours after using it in the shower *_*

Only downside of the parcel business here in Brazil: People keep stealing stuff. This time they stole one whole Lush coconut shower bar, which was really sad as my sister said she bought the huge portion to last even longer :( Oh well....

Anyway, as we would say in Germany SCHWAMM DRUEBER (translatable to `let`s delete this topic-thought with a sponge-eraser :D, kind of Let`s not get any hard feelings here), instead let`s get to the rest of the lovely contents =)! Here you go: A wonderfully fresh Alverde olive-lemongrass bar, my favourite Alverde hand cream and macadamia body cream plus a man`s 4-in-1 lotion product for the prince of sun (although they know that he loves to use all other products of mine, he likes sweet scents as well =) just like me).   

And the dessert: An old toddler picture of mine *_* omg!!! <3 <3 <3 Which now sits next to our wedding picture hehe....

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