Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Limonada de casca de lima (Limonade of Sweet Lemon Peel) - good for the flora of the intestines!

Today, the prince of sun`s India grandmum (Indio (masculine) and India (feminine) are the Brazilian expressions for ``Native``, not to be confused with India, the Asian country!) came over for a visit and brought a huge basket of "limas" with her. She explained that it is kind of a mix between lime and orange. She recommended having the fruit part just by itself and making juice of the lima peel.

Intrigued I immediately went on trying it out and was really surprised: The fruit pulp is really light, almost whitish and very mild compared to lime or lemons. Even Luke - who normally only plays with and barks at lemons or limes - ate half a lima.

The juice turned out amazing, just added half a liter of water and some sugar to the peel of one whole lima, put the whole lot in the mixer and then pressed the juice through a sieve. I have never tasted something like this before!

Very refreshing and delicious. Mild, just a tiny bit bitterish and sourish but again sweet and almost no aftertaste at all. I am loving this fruit!!!

Even better that it is good for the flora of the intestines! ;)

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