Sunday, 1 December 2013

First impressions of my new-ish Fenix e-piano

In September, I had finally decided that I wanted to start playing piano again (and more frequently than just now and then on our church piano). My birthday was close as well so I thought, 'ya gotta treat ya self from time to time!' - and took on the challenge to find a good e-piano here in Porto Seguro. (Which is a real challenge as people here prefer shorter keyboards and there are not many full-keyboard e-pianos available...)

I finally decided to get a Fenix and was positively surprised with the general quality such as sound, sensibility, touch (the only things that really matter for me, I am not too much a person that likes to change the sound effects, I am pretty much a classic player and would be totally happy with a good old one-sound-non-electric-piano, but that s kind of impossible here, and those that they offer are about the cost of a new car o_O so... 

I was still pretty happy about the performance - which I am until today concerning the piano, sound, sensibility, touch - just one point is pretty disappointing:
The pedal shows serious faults since about 3 days and has a tendency to either work contrary, when I press the piano pedal, the pedal effect doesn t work and when I let it go, the pedal effect starts constantly... or the pedal effect does not work at all. Which is very sad as I only bought it about 2 months ago. I will try and go to the shop to exchange it - the piano has a 1-year guarantee so...... cross fingers! 

The thing is, most people - especially those who are used to play on keyboards that are smaller and don t use the pedal - would not really miss the pedal. But I am someone whose favourite songs are almost all played with pedal so.... it is kind of impossible to play most of my songs without getting totally cross at the thing and wanting to hit a hammer on it o_O.... I hope that on Monday I can either exchange the pedal (sounds like less stress) or well, the whole piano in case there is no other option ......... 

In case someone has some tipps and any ideas what could have caused it. (I really do hope pianos sold in hot Brazil are actually made to deal with the climate impact as well o_O..... we had about 5 days non-stop rain storm and the air in the rooms was very humid, no way to avoid this unfortunately. But still, the piano was never humid or something, it stands away from the walls so...). I now really feel a bit queasy about spending so much money on the piano which seems of not-so-excellent quality, I am really hoping that I will be able to exchange the pedal part or at least find a solution and it will last a bit longer than the 1-year guarantee it was given with o_O..... :-/ 

Wish me luck!

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